My approach is a deep dive into your system of beliefs, values, habits and thinking, in order to transform your life and work in alignment with what really matters: your gifts, your purpose and your vision for the future. Together, we’ll pave your path to manifesting success by clearing your blocks, clarifying your vision, building your roadmap and catalysing your journey with the right mindset, heartset, skillset and soulset to hit the ground running in a way that energises, not depletes, you.

Our journey starts right where you are, with a single belief: You already have everything you need to achieve everything you desire, and you deserve to have it all.

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Here’s how the session can help you …


You’re an Entrepreneur …

You're a budding or aspiring entrepreneur, ready to go full throttle. Together, we’ll transform your ideas into action.

  • Know your ‘why’

  • Define your vision and values

  • Build your business model

  • Develop your strategy and positioning

If you’re committed to START UP by stretching beyond your comfort zone, doing the work and taking a leap, our co-creation session will equip you with the tools and framework you need to achieve results without compromising your security or sanity. By the end of our session, you’ll be motivated to get shit done, stay the course, and enjoy the process.

You’re a
Career Builder …

You're a high achiever, ready for your next career challenge. Together, we’ll transform your plans into achievable goals and an upward career trajectory.

  • Know your worth

  • Define your terms for success

  • Craft your new narrative

  • Grow your executive presence

If you’re committed to LEVEL UP by growing personally and professionally — whether it’s about advancing your professional role, advocating a promotion, developing a new professional skill, or changing careers and breaking into a new industry — our co-creation session will challenge you to step up, show up, and proactively steer your career in the direction you want. By the end of our session, you’ll be confident about the possibilities and prospects for taking your career to new heights.

Feeling Stuck …

You're at a crossroads in your life/work, ready to move forward. Together, we’ll transform your fears into manifestations of success.

  • Clear your mental blocks

  • Commit to your intentions

  • Find your tribe

  • Create your success rituals

If you’re committed to GET UNSTUCK by reclaiming your power and becoming the author of your future, our co-creation session will ignite your journey to attracting and creating the right opportunities to help you achieve your life/work goals. By the end of our session, you’ll be free of self-limiting beliefs and to start living life on your own terms.


You are already a leader with the power to run with a new vision, but everyone needs a little help along the way, and I’m here to help. After the session, you will have the option to buy additional check-in calls where I will support your forward strides with tactical guidance, personal accountability, and helpful resources.



“Solonia helped me get back on track to see the bigger picture, I have been running my own startup for a few years and it’s been a struggle. The constant churning, the mental blocks, it never ends. I was fortunate enough to take some time out while I was working with Solonia and through our sessions I was able to open up my thoughts to the bigger picture. She helped me realise where my role in my own company needs to be and that helped me free my mind up to bigger ideas. I also learned that they key for me is to align work and life goals & through working with her, I have been able to see the vision of my company and my life in a whole different light, It’s still a work in progress, but Solonia helped me awaken to a whole new life which I am just in the process of creating!”


“Solonia is an experienced and empathetic coach who is both an encouraging sounding board as well as a determined advocate to help you work through your change process. She comes equipped with tools, methodologies and a structured ‘change regime’ to help you navigate your journey when you are feeling lost and in need of direction”


"Solonia helped me create a roadmap for taking my business from a side hustle to a full-time reality. She was the catalyst that helped me kick start my strategic planning. Solonia was very easy to work with, worked through challenges and concerns with me, and consistently offered valuable and actionable guidance. Having someone to rely on and bounce ideas off of was so reassuring, and she did it all with a smile and such a positive attitude."


“I thoroughly enjoy working with Solonia. She is extremely approachable, relatable and very uplifting. Her sessions are designed in a way where she and you can have a conversation, she listens to your pain points, provides guidance and the tools to address them. I particularly love the exercises that helped me to discover my values, drivers and motivators. I tend to get overwhelmed when working with resumes and organising information. Solonia’s sessions gave me the confidence and roadmap to build and develop my personal brand.”