Learning Journeys

topics // design THINKING. lean startup. social innovation.

My human-centred approach to people development aims to create the space for learning-by-doing. Learning Journeys teach participants to deconstruct high level theories into guiding principles and practices that can be implemented right away in real world contexts. Through a series of workshops, learners gain insights, tools and strategies for becoming masterful problem-solvers in life and work, by harnessing empathy, creativity, critical thinking and agile methods for iterative design and idea implementation.

i work in partnership with companies, communities and co-working spaces to co-create experiential learning journeys aimed at developing more resilient entrepreneurs, creative intrapreneurs, and conscious humans.


Holistic Retreats

THEMES // adventure. nature. wellness.

As co founder of The Change School, a large part of my work involves design, curation and content creation for Holistic Retreats aimed at providing immersive experiences and conducive environments for disconnecting from daily distractions, cultivating mindfulness, and forging deeper connections to oneself and others.

I work in partnership with coaches, trainers, business leaders and experience providers to co-create holistic programs that combine adventure, nature and wellness to bring out the very best in people.


Transformation Programs

focus areas // leadership & workplace culture

My work at The Change School also involves creating bespoke company programs aimed at helping teams and leaders calibrate purpose, practices and processes, in alignment with their core values. Transformation Programs enable employees and executives to accelerate personal and professional performance, become authentic and adaptive leaders, and actively contribute to creating positive and results-driven work cultures.

I work in partnership with values-driven organisations and forward-thinking leaders to co-create transformation programs aimed at addressing the challenges, opportunities, drivers and pathways to embracing change, navigating transition, and thriving in times of uncertainty.


“As a business we were facing a lot of change around us and there was a growing concern on how this would impact our working culture. The ‘Change Is Constant’ workshop helped the P&G Design team to develop personal insights, a positive outlook and actionable skills for managing change at a time of major transition. The curation of inspirational guest speakers and creative collaboration exercises couldn’t have come at a better time!”


“We engaged Solonia to help design and facilitate part of Hyper Island’s master degree module related to the methodology of Lean Start-up. She delivered a highly valuable workshop, both in the content delivered and in the facilitation of the participants - continuously considering their unique individual needs and challenges. Solonia takes the extra mile to fully understand and meet the needs of the project. She shows the capabilities of understanding the big picture and has the courage to challenge the team members for the good of the project. Solonia is flexible when changes need to be made to meet the optimal outcomes. She shows her professional skills in the content she creates and in her communication, it is a joy to work together with her, both in design and facilitation.”